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1 Preparation of Packing Materials from Palm Kernel Seed Shells for a Cooling Tower.
N. S. Maina* and E. C. Etigbue
Page: 1-10
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2 A Study of the Effect of Drag Reducing Polymer on Pressure Drop in Horizontal Oil - Water Flow in Pipes.
Authors: N. Yusuf
Page: 11-17
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3 Drying Characteristics of some Selected Vegetables Using Locally Constructed Active Solar Dryer.
Authors: K. Mu'azu*, M. Abdullahi, S. I. Gadam2, B. Inuwa1and S. M. Umar
Page: 18-25
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4 Some Geotechnical Properties of Selected Sub-Base Materials from South Western Nigeria.
Authors: A. L. Ayodele* and F. A. Falade
Page: 26-34
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5 Reliability Assessment of a Timber Pinned Jointed Footbridge Truss.
Authors: E. N. Ogork* and Z. M. Ango
Page: 35-43
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6 Reliability Assessment of Black Cotton Soil Stabilized with Sawdust Ash Admixtures for use in Road Construction
Authors: P. Yohanna*, I. Mannir and K. J. Osinubi
Page: 44-57
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7 Comparative Analysis of Ajabanoko Iron Ore Deposit, Kogi State, Nigeria Using Magnetic, Gravity and Froth Flotation Methods
Authors: O. O. Alabi
Page: 58-66
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8 Edge Cracking Propensity of Cold-Rolled 8011 Aluminium Alloy under Mixed Coconut/Diesel Oil Lubrication Condition.
Authors: O. H. Yakubu*, A. K. Oyinlola, G. B. Niyor and I. Usman
Page: 67-76
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9 Determination of Chemical, Mineralogical Composition and Liberation size of Ochokochoko Iron Ore, Kogi State, Nigeria.
Authors: A. R. Agava*, R. A. Muriana, A. S. AbdulRahman, E. A. P. Egbe and D. G. Thomas
Page: 77-86
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10 Influence of Particulate Loading on the Mechanical Properties of Al-4.5 Cu/Gsa Composite.
Authors: I. Y. Suleiman, M. Abdulwahab and F. E. Awe*
Page: 87-91
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1 Synergistic effects of drag reducing agents in pipes of different diameters.
Authors: L. C. Edomwonyi-Otu* M. Simeoni, P. Angeli and M. Campolo
Page 1 - 5
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2 Performance evaluation of a pilot waste stabilization pond for biochemical oxygen demand (bod) and chemical oxygen demand (cod) removal in brewery wastewater effluent.
Authors: U. Musa*, P. C Okonkwo and J. A. Muhammed
Page 6 - 11
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3 Effect of skirt height on the performance of a woodfuel-stove.
Authors: I. Ajunwa*, C. O. Folayan and G. Y. Pam
Page 12 - 19
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4 Preparation of silica sol from dealuminated kankara kaolin for zsm-5 synthesis.
Authors: M. Yusuf *, A. S. Ahmed, B. Mukhtar and S. Yunusa
Page 20 - 24
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5 Uncertainty sensitive of material safety factors for Nigerian timber.
Authors: J. M. Kaura, I. Abubakar, A. Lawan and I. Aliyu
Page 25 - 34
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6 Design, fabrication and performance evaluation of air cyclone for purification of kaolin from kankara, Nigeria kaolin.
Authors: N. Audu, A. S. Ahmed, P. C. Okonkwo and M. T. Isa*
Page 35 - 40
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7 Reliability analysis of foundation settlement in the South-South of Nigeria.
Authors: A. B. Salahudeen*, T. S. Ijimdiya, A. O. Eberemu and K. J. Osinubi
Page 41 - 49
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8 Reliability estimates of a simply supported timber floor.
Authors: E. N. Ogork* and A. K. Nakore
Page 50 - 57
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9 Effect of iron ore tailings on some geotechnical properties of cement stabilized black cotton soil.
Authors: P. Yohanna*, A. O. Eberemu and K. J. Osinubi
Page 58 - 65
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10 Utilization of Nigerian kankara kaolin and gray cast iron for the production of composite refractory.
Authors: R. M. Gadzama
Page 66 - 73
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