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1 Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of a BIO-GAS BURNER.
Authors: D. M. Kulla, G. Y. PAM, I. Iliyasu, M. Muhammad and S. I. Faruk.
Page 1 - 7
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Authors: Y. S. Masok, S. A. Yaro and D. G. Thomas
Page 8 - 14
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3 Effect of Novel Austempering Parameters on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Nodular Cast Iron
Authors: M. R. Dodo, K. A. Bello, U. Shehu, M. Abdulwahab and G. A. Ibrahim
Page 15 - 25
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4 Effect of Recycled Concrete Aggregates on Concrete
Authors: Egbe-Ngu Ntui Ogork *and Suleiman Mohammed Laya
Page 26 - 35
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5 Effect of Viscosity on the cooling rates and Specific heat Capacity of Cane Molasses Solutions
Authors: M. R. Dodo, T. Ause and E. T. Dauda
Page 36 - 41
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6 Susceptibility of Gyel Columbite Mineral to Magnetic and Gravity Sepration Methods
Authors: O. O. Alabi, S. A. Yaro, D. G. Thomas and F. Asuke
Page 42 - 48
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7 Adsorption and Photocatalytic Degradation of phenol using Pingida Bentonitic Clay
Authors: A. Hamza, S. O. Fashola, Y. B. Umar, A. H. Mashi and S. M. Waziri
Page 49 - 56
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8 Effect of Oxalic Acid Treatment on the Photocatalitic Activity of Abuni Natural Sphalerite
Authors: A. Hamza, C. Onyenanu and B. Mukhtar
Page 57 - 63
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9 Mechanical Properties of High Strength Polypropylene Fibre Concrete
Authors: Egbe-Ngu Ntui Ogork and Godwin Omofonma
Page 64 - 71
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10 Potential of Carbonized Yam Peel and Rice Husk on the Thermal Treatment and Mechanical Properties of 6063-TYPE AL-MG-SI Alloy
Authors: ER. A. Mohammed, M. Abdulwahab*, O. B. Umaru and B. H. Adebayo
Page 72 - 77
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11 Properties Evaluation of Microcrystalline Cellulose Developed from Starch-Based Materials as a Biocomposite
Authors: A. A. Kogo, M. M. Bamalli, A. A. Salisu, H. Musa and H. Abba
Page 78 - 81
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12 Effect of Calcium Based Lubricants in Steel Wire Drawing
Authors: EM. Muhammad, D. S. Yawas and D. M. Kulla
Page 82 - 87
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13 Design and Construction of a 1.5 Kilowats Horizontal axis wind Turbine Generator
Authors: A. Hamza, C. Onyenanu and B. Mukhtar
Page 88 - 96
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14 Dynamic Stability analusis of a single machine infinite bus power system in the frequency domain
Authors: S. S. Adamu and H. Musa
Page 97 - 116
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1 Analysis of Climate Variability and its Impact on Crop Yield in Zaria
Authors: A. Adamu, D. B. Adie and C. A. Okuofu
Page 1 - 11
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2 Validation of Planting Performance of a Mechanical Planter Robot
Authors: K. Ahmad, M. B. Muazu and D. D. Dajab
Page 12 - 23
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3 Stress Corrosion Cracking of Austenitic Stainless Steels in Chloride Environment
Authors: I. I. Ahmeda,b, A. G. F. Alabic, J. K. Odusoteb, N. I. Aremub, J. A. Adebisib, T. Yahayab, S. I. Talabib, R. A. Yahyab, S. B. Lyon a
Page 24 - 28
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4 Calcination Knetics of Okpella Limestone from Thermogravimetric Data for Lime Production
Authors: M. N. Bello, J. O. Okafor and A. Mukhtar
Page 29 - 38
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5 Study of E-waste Generation and Management in Households within Kaduna Metropolis
Authors: F. B. Ibrahim, D. B. Adie, A. Giwa and C. A. Okuofu
Page 39 - 47
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6 Promoting Transesterification of Cotton Seed oil (CSO) by use of CO-SOLVENT
Authors: F. Iwalaiye, B. O. Aderemi, M. S. Galadima and C. S. Ajinomoh
Page 48 - 53
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7 Modelling of Flow Overoblique Compound Crested Weirs
Authors: M. M. Muhammad, A. Ismail, J. A. Otun and D. B. Adie
Page 54 - 59
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8 Appropriate Water Pumping Schedule and the Determination of the Required Storage Capacity
Authors: I. M. Sanni, D. B. Adie, A. Ismail and M. O. Nwude
Page 60 - 65
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9 Effects of Thermal Treatment on the Hardness of Antimony-Modified AL-SI-MG Alloy
Authors: G. O. Adeboye, M. Abdulwahab, F. Asuke and S. A. Yaro
Page 66 - 70
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10 Effects of Acid Types on the Recycling of used Lubricating Oil
Authors: B. Suleiman, A. S. Abdulkareem, E. A. Afolabi and E. O. Oluwaseyi
Page 71 - 80
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11 Thermo-Economic Analysis of THIC-PSA System for Bioethanol Refining
Authors: B. Suleiman, A. S. Olawale and S. M. Waziri
Page 81 - 91
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12 Effect of Silica Source on the Formation of Nanosized Zeolite Y VIA Seeding Method
Authors: Yunusa Suleiman, Abdulkarim Salawu Ahmed , Solomon Gajere Bawa , John F. Iyun and Mohammed Dauda
Page 92 - 97
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13 Classification and Characterization of Bularafa Diatomite using Air Cyclone
Authors: M. Abubakar, A. S. Ahmed, I. A. Mohammed-Dabo, S. G. Bawa and F. Mohammed
Page 98 - 102
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