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1 The Effect of Signal from GSM Mast on the Accuracy of GPS Measurement
Authors: M. A. Bichi, J. O. Sule and M. Haruna
Page 1 - 8
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2 Experimental Evaluation of Energy Indices in Crushing and Grinding Maiganga Lignite Fuel
Authors: Idris I. Ozigis, H. Dandakouta and Salamatu O. Ozigis
Page 9 - 19
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3 Effects of Ni Addition and Isothermal Treatment on Hardness and Impact Strength of Al-Cu-Si Alloy
Authors: A. Mohammed, S. A. Yaro, M. Abdulwahab
Page 20 - 26
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4 Application of Finite Element and Richardson Extrapolation Methods for Solving Hydrodynamic Lubrication Problem of Journal Bearings.
Authors: M. H. Oladeinde and J. A. Akpobi
Page 27 - 33
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5 Comparison of Mechanical Characterization of FCC Catalyst Prepared from Synthesized Zeolite Y and ZSM-5
Authors: N. Salahudeen, O. A. Yusuf, A. S. Ahmed, M. Dauda, D. S. Yawas, S. Yunusa and M. Yusuf
Page 34 - 37
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6 Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) on Cadastral Information for Kabama Estate Residential Layout in Zaria
Authors: M. W. Shebe, J. O. Sule and R. F. Babalola
Page 38 - 48
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7 Effect of Filler Concentration on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Some Keratin Fibre/Epoxy Biocomposites
Authors: M. Sumaila, M. Dauda and O. Siyaka
Page 49 - 57
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8 Simulation of Temperature Distribution and Power Loss of Slider Bearings Lubricated With Fluids at a Constant Viscosity
Authors: M. H. Oladeinde, and A. I. Unuigbe
Page 58 - 65
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9 Manufacture of a Dye Sensitized Solar Cell from Dyes Of Blackberries and Red-Onion
Authors: Hamisu Adamu Dandajeh
Page 66 - 72
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10 Effect of Thermochemical Heat Treatment on the Fracture-toughness and Hardness of Medium Carbon Steel
Authors: N. A. Yekeen and A. T. Abdullahi
Page 73 - 80
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11 Comparative Study of the Effect of Wet and Dry Beneficiationson the X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Mineralogical Propertyof Kankara Kaolin
Authors: N. Salahudeen, A. Nasiru, A. S. Ahmed, M. Dauda, S. M. Waziri, P. C. Okonkwo and M. T. Isa
Page 81 - 83
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12 Estimation of Aeration Efficiency of Flow Over Different Stepped Chutes
Authors: S. Munta, J. A. Otun and D. B. Adie
Page 84 - 91
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13 Investigating the Optimum Parameters for Production of Biodiesel from Jatropha Seed Oil
Authors: O. R. Momoh, M. A. Abdulkadir, H. S. Otuoze and C. S. Ajinomoh
Page 92 - 98
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1 Application of Stochastic Models to Drought Prediction in Northern Nigeria
Authors: Adeogun, B. K.; Adie, D. B. and Nwude, M. O.
Page 1 - 18
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2 Rankine Cycle-Simulation and Analysis at Constant Boiler Pressure Using Autogenerated Steam Table
Authors: Dan-Asabe, B. and Nasser, S.
Page 19 - 29
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3 Analysis of Gully Erosion and Bad Land in Auchi, Nigeria Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Authors: Ehiorobo, J. O. and Izilein, E.
Page 30 - 38
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4 Ginger Drying with a Solar Cabinet Dryer: A Sustainable Energy Utilization Strategy for Rural Community Development
Authors: EFumen, G. A.; Igboro, S. B.; Aiyejagbara, E. F.; Sa'id, A. and Philip, T. K.
Page 39 - 478
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5 Design of the Control Aspect of a Bluetooth Controlled Planter Robot
Authors: Ahmad, K.; Muazu, M. B, Dajab, D. D.
Page 48 - 60
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6 Laser Brazing of Nickel Super-Alloy Metal Foam to 304L Stainless Steel Plate
Authors: Nuruddin, I. K.
Page 61 - 70
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7 Performance Evaluation of a Biogas Stove as a Leverage for Domestic Cooking in Nigeria
Authors: Obada, D. O.; Obi, A. I.; Dauda, M.; Samotu, I. A.; Otegbayo, A. B. and Chira, C. V
Page 71 - 76
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8 Calcination Characteristics of Jakura and Ukpilla Limestones
Authors: Okonkwo, P. C. and Adefila, S. S.
Page 77 - 89
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9 Discrete-Time Linear Quadratic Control of a Double Chamber Thermal System
Authors: Shehu, R. S.; Yusuf, A. B.; and Katende, J.
Page 90 - 96
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10 Physical and Mechanical Properties Evaluation of Some Clay Deposits in Mubi for Production of Glazed Roofing Tiles
Authors: Akanji, S. A.; Nathan, C. and Wadai, J.
Page 97 - 104
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11 Modeling of Water Quality of Bindare Stream, Zaria - Nigeria using Matlab
Authors: Ismaila, S. M.; Adie, D. B.; Okuofu, C. A.; Ismail, A. and Nwude, M. O.
Page 105 - 117
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12 Production of Biodegradable Detergents from Canarium Schweinfurthii Bursaraceae (ATILI) Oil
Authors: Maina, N. S.; Ameh, A. O.; Isa, M. T. and Forkwa, E. B.
Page 118 - 125
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13 Determination of Optimum Curative Concentration of Epoxy-Coated Kenaf Fibre / ABS Thermoplastic Composites
Authors: Saliu, H. R.; Ishiaku, U. S.; Yakubu, M. K.; Kolawole, E. G.; Adefila, S. S. and Moh'd Ishak, Z. A.
Page 126 - 132
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