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1 Estimation of Clearness Index for Katsina City
Authors: Dan-Isa, A.
Page 1 - 5
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2 Eural Network - Based Modeling of Electrostatic Field Distribution Pattern in Non - Harmattan Season in Zaria, Nigeria
Authors: Akinsanmi, O.
Page 6 - 10
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3 Evaluations of Solar and Wind Energy Resources of Nigeria Using Surface Meteorological Data From National Aeronautic Space Agency, NASA
Authors: Jimoh, B.
Page 11 - 20
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4 Passivation Potential and Degradation Behaviour of Aluminium Alloy in 2M HCL/H3PO4 Acid in the Presence 0f Pinus Sylvestris Natural Oil
Authors: Abdulwahab, M; Kasim, A; Asuke, F; Fayomib, O. S. I.
Page 21 - 32
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5 Faults Analysis in Power Distribution Network: “a Case Study of Zaria Business Unit of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN)”
Authors: Abdullahi, Z. M.; Mohammed, A.; Abubakar, S. M. and Jibril, Y.
Page 33 - 42
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6 FTIR and WAXD Study of Low Density Polyethylene – Thermoplastic Starch Composite
Authors: Musa, M. B; Kolawole, E. G; Yakubu, M. K; Ishiaku, U. S
Page 43 - 46
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7 Inhibitive Effect of Vernonia Amygdalina Leaf Extracts on Corrosion Resistance of Biomedical Surgical Implants in Simulated Body Fluid.
Authors: Auwal, K.; Yaro, S. A.; Isma'il, L. D.; Waziri, G. D.; Abdulwahab, M. and Sanda, B. S.
Page 47 - 53
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8 Design, Construction and Performance of a Screw Feeder for Fluidized Bed Combustor
Authors: Ozigis, I. I. and Arudi, S. I.
Page 54 - 63
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9 Reliability of Timber Lap Joints Using Nails and Screws
Authors:Kimeng, H. T. and Jamilu, Y.
Page 64 - 71
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10 Analysis of Photovoltaic Based Single Ended Primary Inductance Converter System (SEPIC)
Authors: Taiwo, A. S.; Oricha, J. Y. and Ikotoni, B. F.
Page 72 - 81
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11 Estimation of Insolation Levels of Some Locations in North-west Nigeria for Efficient Application of Photovoltaic Technology
Authors: Abdulsalam, D.; Jimoh, B.; Samaila, U. and Aliyu, Y.
Page 82 - 91
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12 The Effects of Duration and Timing of Active System on Beat-Up Force
Authors: Ibrahim, H. D.
Page 92 - 98
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13 Treatment of Waste Water from a Pulp and Paper Mill Using Corn Cobs Activated Carbon–Sand Filter.
Authors: Christopher, O. C.; Thompson, N. E.; Uchechukwu, S. C. and Abdullahi, A. S.
Page 99 - 103
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14 Effects of Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate with Quarry-Fines on the Quality of Concrete
Authors: Mtallib, M. O. A. and Olayinka, I. O.
Page 104 - 109
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15 Assessment of Hospital Waste Management in Federal Medical Centre Bida - Nigeria
Authors: Muhammad, M.; Vulegbo, A. A.; Bida, S. M. and Ma'ali, J. M.
Page 110 - 120
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1 Kinetic Study of Pineapple (Ananas Comosus) Peel Conversion to Glucose by Aspergillus Niger
Authors: A. P. Ososanya, C. S. Ajinomoh, and B. O. Aderemi
Page 1 - 7
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2 Biodegradable Grease from Neemseed Oil
Authors: A. O. Ameh, N. S. Maina and J. Abraham
Page 8 - 11
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3 Efficient Buffer Management Algorithm For Heterogeneous Wireless Network
Authors: D. S. Shu'aibu, M. Ajiya, S. S. Adamu and S. H. Lawan
Page 12 - 19
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4 Design, Construction and Testing of a Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC) Solar Collector for Adsorption Refrigeration
Authors: N. O. Omisanya, C. O. Folayan, S. Y. Aku, S. S. Adefila
Page 20 - 33
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5 Development and Characterization of Polypropylene /Raphia Sudanica Fibre Composites
Authors: A.Danladi and E. T. Joseph
Page 34 - 38
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6 Effects of Weaving With Computer – Controlled Hydraulic Active System on Beat – Up Force
Authors: H. D. Ibrahim
Page 39 - 43
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7 Characterization of Kalambaina (sokoto State) Limestone Depositforglass Making
Authors: S. A. Zainab, A. D. Garkida, E. A. Ali and M. Dauda
Page 44 - 50
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8 Flow Field and Temperature Distribution in an Asymmetric Triangular Rooftop Using Comsol Multiphysics
Authors: O. M. Kamiyo and S. Eriamiatoe
Page 51 - 57
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9 Economic Appraisal of Electricity from the 20 KW Jacobs Wind Turbine in Jos, Kano and Sokoto
Authors: G. Y. Pam
Page 58 - 62
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10 Evaluation of Levels of Regulated Trihalomethanes(thms) in a Community Drinking Water Supply In Nigeria
Authors: E. M. Shaibu-Imodagbe, C. A. Okuofu, J. P. Unyimadu, A. B.Williams, and H. Omenesa
Page 63 - 72
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11 Modelling Bit Error Rate in Multipath Communication Channels
Authors: S. A. Babale, D. D. Dajab, S. Garba
Page 73 - 77
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12 Reduction of Chemical Oxygen demand in tannery effluent using ZnO-ZnFe2O4 composite photocatalyst on activated carbon support
Authors: H. A. Mohammed, A. Hamza1, I. K. Adamu, A. Ejila, and S. M. Waziri
Page 78 - 85
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13 Prediction of Twin Shaft Vertical Kiln Operation using a Limestone Calcination Model
Authors: P. C. Okonkwo, S. S. Adefila and A. S. Ahmed
Page 86 - 93
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14 Improvement and Comparative Studies on the Cooling Characteristics of Atili-Based (Blackdate) Packings in a Cooling Tower
Authors: N. S. Maina, O. B. Agada and A. Bukar
Page 94 - 103
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15 The Performance of Co-fired Maiganga Lignite Coal with Poultry Dropping Fuel Mix in a Fluidized Bed Combustor.
I. I. Ozigis, H. Dandakouta and G. Egbo
Page 104 - 110
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16 Thermal Efficiency of a Petter Aai, TD114 Single Cylinder Two Stroke Diesel Engine Run on Jatropha Biodiesel.
Authors: G. A. Duvuna, and S. A. Akanji
Page 111 - 119
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17 Analysis of Oil Spillage Dispersion in Soil in a Site in Niger Delta.
Authors: Y. S. Mohammad and A. T. Mohammed
Page 120 - 128
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