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1 Study on the Bleaching of Atili (Blackdate) Oil to White Oil Using Fuller's Earth and Activated Carbon as Adsorbents.
Authors: Maina, N. S.; Ameh, A. O. and Aina, D. V.
Page 1 - 7
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2 Comparative Study of Two Improved Wood Stoves of Different Materials.
Authors: Kulla, D. M.; Sumaila, M. C.; Folayan, O. and Aku, S. Y.
Page 8 - 15
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3 Effect of Water-Cement Ratio on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Black Cotton Soil for Deep Mixing Application.
Authors: Ochepo, J.; Tourba, D. A. and Osinubi, K. J.
Page 16 - 22
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4 Potential Use of Compacted Tropical Clay Treated With Rice Husk Ash in Waste Containment Applications.
Authors: Eberemu, Adrian Oshioname
Page 23 - 33
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5 Experimental Study of Hydraulic Characteristics of Flow Over Cascaded V-Notches.
Authors: Garba, B.; Isma'il, A.; Otun, J. A. and Adie, D. B.
Page 34 - 39
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6 Effects of Kaolin Clay and Calcium Carbonate Fillers on the Properties of Polyurethane Foam.
Authors: Isa, M. T. ; Adogbo, G. M. and Yahaya, U. M.
Page 40 - 45
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7 The Assessment of Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of Aluminum 6063 Alloy after Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE).
Authors: Joseph S. Ajiboye; Saheed A. Adebayo and Temitayo M. Azeez
Page 46 - 54
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8 Hydraulic Performance of Flow Over Normal and Inclined Compound Crested Weir Models.
Authors: Muhammad, M. M.; Ismail, A, Otun, J. A.; Adie, D. B.; Igboro, S. B. and Abdullahi, S. A.
Page 55 - 60
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9 A Study of Freundlich and Langmuir Isotherm in the Bleaching of Atili (Blackdate) Oil.
Authors: Maina, N. S.; Ameh, A. O. and Bulus, S. M.
Page 61 - 67
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10 Assessment of Moulding Sand Properties of Yelwa and Wuro-Patuji Sand Deposits for Casting Purposes in Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria .
Authors: Ayuba, A.; Abasiryu, T. and Duvuna, G. A.
Page 68 - 71
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11 Characterization of Kaolin Dealumination Products.
Authors: Aderemi1, B. O. and Hameed, B. H.
Page 72 - 77
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12 No-Load Characteristics and Airgap Flux Density Waveform for a Salient-Pole Synchronous Generator Using Finite Elements.
Authors: Ibrahim, S. B.
Page 78 - 83
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13 Optimisation of Esterification of Jatropha Curcas Seed Oil Using Response Surface Methodology.
Authors: Mu'azu, K.; Mohammed-Dabo, I. A.; Waziri, S. M.; Ahmed, A. S.; Bugaje, I. M. and Anya, A. U.
Page 84 - 89
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14 Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Pellets Produced Using Blends from Itakpe, Agbaja and Koton-Karfe Iron Ore Concentrates.
Authors: Mohammed, R. A; Hassan S. B.; Madugu, I. A. and Yaro, S. A.
Page 90 - 97
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15 Physical and Mechanical Properties of Some Keratin Fibres for Biocomposite Production
Authors: Sumaila, M.; Dauda, M. and Sani, A.
Page 98 - 105
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16 The Making of Right Quality Manganese Steel Using Charge Calculation.
Authors: Sadjere, E. G; Ariavie, G. O. and Ebunilo, P. O.
Page 106 - 112
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1 Laboratory Investigation of Chute Geometry on Energy Dissipation Over Stepped Spillway.
Authors: Otun, J. A.; Munta S. and Adie D. B.
Page 1 - 6
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2 Optimization of Waste Bin Location and Size for Ilorin, Nigeria.
Authors: Aremu, A. S. and Sule, B. F.
Page 1 - 18
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3 Assessment of Hardness and Impact Properties of Vibrated Butt-welded Joints of Low Carbon Steel.
Authors: Ashwe, A.
Page 19 - 24
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4 Feasibility of Climate Information Based Seasonal Stream Flow Forecasting: Case Study of Kainji Dam in Nigeria.
Authors: Salami, A. W. and Sule, B. F.
Page 25 - 35
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5 Solar Energy Potentials Mapping of Niger State.
Authors: Enagi, I. I.; Rufai, I. A. and Yahya, D. B.
Page 36 - 44
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6 Single -Layer Drying Characteristics of Tigernuts (cyperus esculentus l.)
Authors: Fumen, G. A.; Igboro, S. B. and Philips, T. K
Page 45 - 50
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7 Iso Safety Design Charts for Singly Reinforced Concrete Beams.
Authors: Ocholi Amana and Lukman Hamza Shehu.
Page 51 - 61
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8 Comparative Study of the Calorific Values and Cost of Petrol and Diesel of Selected Marketers Within Kaduna Metropolis.
Authors: Kulla, D. M.; Yawas, D. S.; Suleiman, R. B. O.; Alabi, A. A. and Adejo, O
Page 62 - 73
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9 Evaluation of Foundry Technology in Mubi.
Authors: Ayuba, A. and Zira, A. J.
Page 74 - 79
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10 Investigation of the Properties of Reddish-natural Sand (ferruginous Sand) in Selected Locations of Katsina State for Moulding Operation.
Authors: Ibrahim, A. and Abdullahi, A. T
Page 80 - 90
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11 Determination of Work Indexes of Run-off Mine and Calcined Koton Karfe Iron Ore.
Authors: Thomas D .G, Yaro S. A. and Gaminana J.
Page 91 - 99
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12 Reliability Analysis of a Bolted Heel Joint on a Howe Timber Truss System.
Authors: Ocholi, A.; Dada Amartey, Y. and Luqman, A.
Page 100 - 109
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13 T13. The Effect of Particle Size on the Characteristics of Pellets Produced from Calcined Koton Karfe Iron Ore.
Authors: D. G. Thomas and Zainab S. A. Yaro
Page 110 - 117
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14 Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of As-Cast Al-5%cu/graphite Particulate Composites Produced by Stir Casting Method.
Authors: Shehu, U.; Aponbiede, O. and Ause T.
Page 118 - 127
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