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1 Kinetics of Alkali Leaching of Aluminum from Floated Bauchi Graphite
Authors: Mohammed F., Ameh A. O. and Bappa M. H.
Page 1 - 4
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2 Response Invariant Transformation Method.
Authors: Ado Dan-Isah.
Page 5 - 10
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3 Evaluation of the Emission Characteristics of a Low-Cost Drip Irrigation System.
Authors: Oyebode M. A., Igbadun H. E. and Kim S. C.
Page 11 - 16
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4 Calibration of Linear Variable Differential Transformer and its Artificial Neural Network Representation.
Authors: Shehu R. S. and Mohammed R. O.
Page 17 - 21
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5 Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of Delamination on Dynamic Properties of Textile Composite Laminates.
Authors: Dauda B. M., Oyadiji S. O. and Potluri P
Page 22 - 31
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6 Effectiveness of Corn Cob Ash (CCA) as Filler in Asphalt Concrete Design.
Authors: Otuoze H. S., Amartey Y. D., Ocholi A. and Murana A. A.
Page 32 - 39
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7 Heat Integration of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Unit Using Pinch Analysis – A Case Study Of Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company FCC Unit.
Authors: Olakunle, M. S. and Abubakar A.
Page 40 - 46
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8 48 Channels Generation in L – Band Brillouin/Erbium Fiber Laser
Authors: Ajiya M.
Page 47 - 50
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9 Linear Matrix Inequality Based Fuzzy Feedback Control: Applied to a Single-Area Power System Network (SAPSN).
Authors: Shehu R. S.
Page 51 - 54
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10 Effect of Cassava Starch on Some Properties of Grade C35 Concrete.
Authors: Abalaka A. E. and Haruna A.
Page 55 - 58
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11 Improved Woodstove Dissemination: A Step to Energy Saving, Afforestation and Health Hazard
Authors: Kulla D. M., Folayan C. O. and Ityona A
Page 59 - 65
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12 A Statistical Study of Workplace Accidents: A Case Study of Niger Delta Region, Nigeria.
Authors: Igboanugo A. C. and Achebo J. I.
Page 66 - 73
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13 Probabilistic Models of Grade Determining Properties of Some Common Nigerian Timber Species
Authors: Abubakar I., Mohammed J. K. and Ejeh S. P.
Page 74 - 81
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14 Effect of Magnesium Sulfate Solution on Strength Development of Concrete Containing Rice Husk Ash.
Authors: Abalaka A. E. and Ibitomi A. V.
Page 82 - 88
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15 Removal of Selected Heavy Metals from Tannery Wastewater Using Powdered Limestone.
Authors: Ibrahim F. B., Otun J. A., Adie D. B. and Jagaba N. Z.
Page 89 - 95
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16 Investigating the Thermal Instability of Porphyrins Towards the Enhancement of Light Ends During Atmospheric Distillation of Blended Heavy Crudes and Used Engine Oil.
Authors: Momoh O. R., Ahmed A. S., Mohammed I. A. and Ajinomoh C. S.
Page 96 - 106.
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17 Suitability Assessment of Delichim and Kudzum Silica Sand for Glass Making.
Authors: G. A DUVUNA and A. AYUBA.
Page 107 - 110.
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18 Photocatalytic Activity of Nigerian Ilmenite.
Authors: Hamza A., Abdallah N. M. and Aliyu A
Page 111 - 114.
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19 Adsorption of Cadmium Ions on Kankara Kaolin.
Authors: Edomwonyi-Otu L. C., Bawa S. G, Alonge J. K. and Ajiboye O. O.
Page 115 - 119.
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20 Enhancing Light-Ends Recovery by True Boiling Point Distillation of Heavy Crude Oil and Used Engine Oil Blend.
Authors: Momoh O. R., Ahmed A. S., Mohammed-Dabo I. A. and Ajinomoh C. S.
Page 120 - 125.
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21 Simulation of a Single Power System Network Using Linear Matrix Inequality.
Authors: Based Fuzzy Feedback Control Shehu R. S.
Page 126 - 132.
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22 Development and Performance Evaluation of Solar Water Heater with Evacuated Flat Plate Collector.
Authors: Anafi F. O. and Abdul B. A.
Page 133 - 139.
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23 The Analysis of the Duration of Observation on the Accuracy of GPS Baseline Measurements.
Authors: Momoh U. O., Azua S. and Enebeli I.
Page 140 - 144.
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24 Design, Simulation and Optimisation of a Three-stage Gas Turbine Cycle Using Microsoft Excel.
Authors: Dan-Asabe B. and Yawas D. S.
Page 140 - 144.
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25 An Analysis of Wind Power Density Based on the Weibull and Rayleigh Models in the South-West Region of Nig.
Authors: Anafi F. O. and Opatola R. A.
Page 153 - 160.
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