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1 Design and Quality Assessment of Wall Monuments for Urban Control Survey in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
Authors: S. Azua and A. Musa.
Page 1 - 9
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2 Influence of Recycled Concrete Aggregate (REA) on Compressive Strength of Plain Concrete.
Authors: O. A. U. Uche.
Page 10 - 15
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3 Compaction Characteristics of Concretionary Lateritic Soils.
Authors: C. M. O. Nwaiwu, J. B. Sunu and H. Nura.
Page 16 - 36
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4 Non-Destructive Test of Compressive Strength of Concrete Using Maturity Concept.
Authors: F. O. Okafor and N. R. Ukaigwe.
Page 37 - 41
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5 Geotechnical Properties of Crude Oil-Contaminated Lateriatic Soil.
Authors: F. O. Okafor and U. N. Okonkwo.
Page 42 - 46
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6 Effect of Low Frequency Vibration on Microstructures and Some Mechanical Properties of Butt-Welded Joints of Micro Alloyed Low Carbon Steel.
Authors: A. Ashwe.
Page 47 - 54
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7 Chi-Square (χ2) Model Application on Commercial Driver Technical Education.
Authors: M. E. Bana and C. N. Nnnamani.
Page 55 - 59
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8 Effects of Water Cement Ratio on Residual Compressive Strength and Density of Granite Aggregates Concrete Subjected to High Temperatures.
Authors: Akogu E. Abalaka and Jack O. Ojiya.
Page 60 - 66
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9 The Assessment of Microstructure and Hardness Characteristics of Some Welded Low Carbon Steels.
Authors: E. T. Dauda, S. B. Hassan, O. Aponbiede, G. B Nyior and R. A. Mohammed.
Page 67 - 73
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10 Microstructural Characterisation of the Tmaz of Inertia Friction Welded (IFW) PM Nickel Base Superalloy, RR1000. K3.
Authors: M. Oluwasegun, L. E. Umoru and S. A. Ibitoye
Page 74 - 83
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11 Interactions Between Compacted Tropical Clay Treated With Rice Husk Ash and Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachate.
Authors: A. Eberenu, O. Amadi, A. Agapitus and I. Bajeh.
Page 84 - 90
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12 Effects of Size of Blocks and Electrode Materials on the Performance of a Soil Moisture Monitoring Device.
Authors: H. E. Igbadun, Emmanuel M. Bigun and Paul U. Evuarherhe
Page 91 - 98
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13 Development of a GSM-Based SMS Remote Controller for Home Appliances.
Authors: M. M. Jibrin and K. Ahmad
Page 99 - 105
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14 Performance Ratings for Ordinary Portland Cement Used in Construction Industry in Nigeria.
Authors: O. A. U Uche.
Page 106 - 112
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15 The Effect of Mould Wall Temperature on the Grain Size and Microstructure of Al-5%si Alloy.
Authors: A. I. Arogundade, O. K. Abubakar and R. A. Muriana.
Page 113 - 118
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